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Professor Amy J. Keely's Background

Amy is an award-winning supply-chain marketer. Having won an American Marketing Association Award and 30+ year business professional with a focus on entrepreneurship, change management, leadership, systems, and quality management as well as workforce management.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts with a major in English and a minor in Psychology and Communications, a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Education, and is in her fourth year working on a Ph.D. in Visual Arts: Philosophy, Aesthetics, and Art Theory. She has now begun working on her dissertation after passing her qualifying exams.

Amy has become increasingly dissatisfied with how her industry, marketing, has altered the process and direction of modern humans. It is marketing, combined with technology, that has disrupted human thought for the purpose of commerce. She defines it as greed, not because of a capitalist economy because we see greed in other political models, even socialism. So it is not the 'ism' it is human behaviors. Simply put, Amy can see the strings that are manipulating human thought because it is her industry that creates the nonsense that everyone believes. Marketing is just that powerful, that scientific, that methodological about creating desire in the limbic system of the brain also known as the unconscious mind. The largest brands in the world would agree - ask Nike and Chanel.

Her mission is to disrupt this cycle that has caused anxiety and stress in modern humans and return to the mode of thinking used by our paleo archaic ancestors. This thought process is truly in balance and harmony with nature at a molecular level. But to do that, Mother Earth must be healthy. Amy believes that climate change is happening but for reasons not included in most climate change models. Why? Because climate change has become a marketing vehicle for the corporate world to increase profits and politicians to become elected. We see it in their behaviors because despite preaching about climate change, they still have very high carbon footprints. The answer is clear, but not popular.

Amy J. Keely is an inter-disciplinarian and award-winning marketing executive in the corporate world and a college professor who has taught a wide range of topics at both business colleges and art schools. In business colleges she teaches in the disciplines of marketing, management, business, as well as HR and English classes. In the art schools she’s taught photography classes and a wide variety of classes in the fashion merchandising discipline. 


Amy is a guest speaker in the areas of marketing, business, generational workplace dynamics with Millennials, and at women’s conferences on her mother who was the first female engineer at GM and Alzheimer’s with Sundowners that took her life in February 2020. This  dis-ease, has influenced her philosophy and focus on Being Paleo as a healthier lifestyle.


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