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About Being Paleo


Being Paleo is about coaching, spirituality, and nourishing the whole being: body, mind, and soul; through the understanding of lost ancient aesthetics, lifestyle, and nourishment that is in harmony with nature. In a world full of turmoil and stress - exploring the health benefits of how lifestyle and food choices impact the biological and psychological being - is critical for finding a positive life balance.


Amy J. Keely, MBA, M.Ed., Ph.D. Candidate ABD

Guest Speaker | Award-Winning Marketer | Professor | Motivational Consultant | Artist Philosopher

Being Paleo was inspired by conversations and studying with artist, educator, and fellow cohort Alaina Plowdry (click to see her artwork) to focus is nourishing not only your body but your whole being: body, mind, and soul, through the understanding of Paleo cooking, philosophy, art, and the mystics of overall wellness. 


Being Paleo aligns with Amy Keely's (learn more about her background) dissertation and a look back to ancient knowledge for what we've lost and how we can reclaim that healthier and stoic lifestyle that is in balance and harmony with nature. We need to return to living with Earth not just on the Earth.


While Paleo is associated with a food plan it can encompass vegetarians as well because archaic humans were vegetarians during lean months and Paleo when the protein sources may have been available.

But this is about learning and sharing how to become better stewards of the Earth and the Human population that is in balance with Nature. This is not a group focused on being selfish but instead being selfless to care for others through knowledge and mentorship. How can we use our talents, energy, and spirit with the purpose of living with the land "not on the land".

Members of this group can participate in podcasts, zoom educational discussions, interviews with specialists with the purpose of listening, learning, and sharing knowledge. But we will also have in-person events that celebrate archaic human practices including Paleo Walks, Paleo Spiritual Journeys, Paleo Food Prep by supporting meetups at health restaurants and local farmers' produce, Paleo artistry visits to local exhibitions or galleries, and much more.

The purpose of this group is to learn about Being Paleo in archaic human practices such as the following topic areas and more:

  • Philosophy: How to understand the Sophists and Pre-Socratic relationship with the subject-object before the Socratic break that has led to modernism. To understand the past is to help heal the future.

  • Artistry: Celebrating both craftsmanship - where the knowledge of 'doingness' occurs - but also fine art for its cathartic messaging. This includes all artistic expressions in fashion design and practices, healing musical frequencies and for communication, writing, pottery, woodworking, and much more.

  • Food Health: How can we come together about healthier food practices removing the politicalness of food choices. Vegan is to Paleo what Vegetarian is to Primal. But at the heart, is removing ourselves from the toxic modern industrial food complex. Food knowledge and archaic human food practices will be explored.

  • Lifestyle: How can we bridge the work/life balance to have those people with strong spirits mentor those who are struggling? How can we live in harmony with each other and reject the toxic environment we live in to focus on humans as "Beings in the World". We will explore how to make modern what are ancient paleo information we have now learned that show that they were MUCH more sophisticated than we, modern humans. What can we learn from them to carry forward to reshape our lifestyles?


We will explore how we can do this as a group of conservative and progressive thinkers with a collective goal of relearning 'togetherness', respect, and how to listen but not to judge. Cheers!

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